Add or edit a property hostname

Before you begin

Before you can provision your property hostname, you must set up an ICP holding entity and register a license with the Chinese government. You then add the ICP holding entity and the license to China CDN Manager. For more information on adding the holding entity and the license, see Add or edit an ICP holding entity and Add or edit an ICP number.

Next, you are ready to add or edit your property hostname to China CDN Manager.

New Chinese operational domains

In accordance with the latest Chinese DNS regulations, each domain in a CNAME chain is now required to have an ICP number assigned to it. This also includes domains that are in a CNAME chain and do not serve traffic directly. A domain without an ICP number will be flagged as not compliant and, therefore, hinder the China CDN network operability.
To meet these compliance requirements, ​Akamai​ introduced special Chinese operational domains, by adding the 88 string to the domain field of the original operational domain. Also, Value Added Telecom (VAT) licenses are secured for each of these Chinese operational domains.
Therefore, for delivery in China, ​Akamai​ recommends that you map the CNAME of your property hostname to the new * Chinese operational domain that corresponds to your original edge hostname selection. For example, with an:

  • edge hostname, change the CNAME to,
  • edge hostname, change the CNAME to

How to

  1. Select the Property hostnames tab at the top of the screen.

  2. Click the + sign next to the Property hostnames section to add a property hostname, or click Edit or Provide Required Details to edit it.

    The Add property hostname screen appears. You must enter all the information in the Required field to save this property. Any of the additional information, you can add at a later time.

  3. Enter your hostname in the hostname field.

  4. Select a service category in the Service category field.

  5. Select an ICP number in the ICP number field.

    If you did not already set up an add you ICP number to China CDN Manager, click Add a new ICP number and go to Add or edit an ICP number to learn how to add one.

  6. Optionally, add comments that give any additional information about the property hostname.


    Additional fields may appear based on information that ​Akamai​ must collect for new government regulations.

  7. Click Save.

The new property hostname appears in the Property hostnames tab. In the Details section, under China CDN mapped, No appears.

Next steps

You provision a hostname after you add all of the information in the Required for provisioning sections for your ICP holding entity, ICP number, and property hostname. At that time you can go to Start provisioning to start the provisioning process.


Deleting * edge hostnames

Before you delete your * or * edge hostname, make sure it is not currently assigned to an active property. Deletion of a CNAMEd * edge hostname causes a DoS (Denial of Service) condition.

To delete a property hostname, choose Delete from the More () menu.