Activate a property hostname

Before you begin

If you chose to only add your property hostname to the allowlist when you started the provisioning process, and now you want to map the property hostname to improve performance in China, you can activate it to start the mapping process. When mapping completes, the status of the property hostname changes to provisioned.

How to

  1. Select the property hostname you want to activate on the Property hostnames page. You can select Whitelisted in the Status field to search for all of your allowed property hostnames.

  2. Select Activate in the More () menu.

  3. Select the edge hostname to which you want to map your property hostname in the Edge Hostname field. By default, China CDN Manager only displays the edge hostnames ready for mapping in China, but you can deselect the checkbox to show all edge hostnames.


Mapping a property hostname to a shared edge hostname

This assigns a deprovision policy to the property hostname. You can click Edit to change the deprovision policy of that shared edge hostname.
See Deprovision policies for shared edge hostnames for more information on deprovision policy options.

  1. Click Submit.


China delivery: new * operational domains

For delivery in China, Akamai recommends that you map the CNAME of your property hostname to the new * Chinese operational domain that corresponds to your original edge hostname selection. For example, with an edge hostname, change the CNAME to