Mar 19, 2018 — API Gateway updates

  • Importing an API definition file via URL doesn’t prompt for a root file field anymore.
  • The Activate button on the API registration page is grayed out if another version activation is pending.
  • The labels in the Compare Versions window reflect the field names in the UI.
  • You can hide the left-hand side column with key collections in Key and Quota Management to improve the visibility of keys data in the table.
  • Users with read-only permissions cannot create, activate, or clone endpoints.
  • You can see the remaining quota for each individual key in Key and Quota Management.
  • The API definition re-import mechanism detects if the hostnames being imported differ from the existing hostnames. If yes, you get a warning that original hostnames will not be replaced.
  • During API activation, a version with conflicting hostnames is not deactivated when not all hostnames are in conflict.