Jun 11, 2018 — API Gateway updates

  • You are no longer redirected to the first key collection after refreshing or making changes on the Key and Quota Management page.
  • A blank base path is now treated as equivalent to a base path of /* during API configuration activation.
  • The Quota usage by time report is now available under Reporting in Control Center.
  • The Akamai API for quota reports is now a part of the Key and Quota API.
  • Each contract has a default API keys limit (1000 keys) that you can change by contacting your account representative.
  • You can upload API definition files in a Swagger 3.0 format.
  • You can overwrite hostnames and base paths during the import operation.
  • The Quota used last updated field in Key and Quota Management includes a time zone.
  • The UI in Key and Quota Management clearly displays which keys are selected across all collections.