Jan 22, 2020 — API Gateway updates

New features

  • Easily configure inbound and outbound traffic paths and routing with Origin Routing.
  • “What’s New” section in Control Center displays information about new features as they become available.
  • HTTP methods now have 3 states to more clearly indicate status: inactive, activated on production, or activated on staging.
  • HTTP methods are now color-coded to indicate which method(s) are selected.
  • You now get a notification when a Gateway policy has been successfully activated on the network.
  • The access control group (ACG) for every key collection will now be displayed.
  • You may now use a key collection (instead of an individual key) to enable the Gateway throttlingBETA feature.


  • Endpoints can no longer be activated without a defined hostname.
  • Very long resource paths are now always visible in the UI.
  • API Gateway will now honor cache settings as configured in Property Manager, unless caching is also configured in API Gateway. If configured in API Gateway, the Gateway settings override the Property Manager

Bug fixes

  • Reimporting an API in API Definitions inadvertently replaced existing hostnames.
  • Swagger import was failing for some use cases.
  • Endpoint activation issues have been resolved.
  • Fixed a problem where selecting too many methods resulted in a request being denied.
  • Fixed a problem with the X-Throttling-Limit HTTP header to ensure it will always be sent to the client.