Jan 16, 2019 — API Gateway updates

  • Activating a registered API no longer changes the last modified date for that registered API.
  • The Reset to API settings button in API Definitions is clearly separated from other elements in the UI.
  • GraphQL settings are no longer visible for registered APIs with the GraphQL feature turned off.
  • The UI for OAuth scopes clearly shows all APIs and resources each scope is associated with.
  • The tool for comparing API versions in API Definitions includes GraphQL and OAuth scopes settings.
  • When importing a Swagger file without an API name, the server URL is no longer used as a replacement for the API name in API Definitions. Instead, API Gateway returns a 400 HTTP error response indicating that an API name should be specified in the Swagger file.
  • The email alerts received after activating an API are more user-friendly.
  • A bug that caused failed activations of APIs for some customers has been fixed.