Aug 9, 2018 — API Gateway updates

New features

  • You can customize cache keys by specifying whether to use a query string in an incoming request to differentiate objects in a cache.

Bug fixes

  • API registration form with numerous resources renders more quickly.
  • The Activate button in the Activate API window is always available.
  • Quota reports show the correct graph for non-existing data.
  • The manual quota reset is reflected correctly in quota reports.
  • When importing an API definition file, all resources can be saved after you modify one of the imported resources.
  • Reimporting Swagger and YAML files no longer produces internal server errors.
  • The daily quota reset is displayed properly in quota reports.
  • More accurate error messages are returned for quota headers-related errors.
  • The error message for incorrect origin hostname is more transparent.
  • API error messages are consistent in capitalization.
  • The new text in the key import modal now clearly states that the import operation appends keys to a collection.
  • The CSV format example in the key import modal now includes the description field.