This quick example shows how to create and apply all of the components used in a revocation list, so you can revoke tokens.

  1. Generate a token and apply it to your content. Extract the token's session_id value for use later in this process.

  2. Add a revocation list to establish a new list. Store the name you set for it.

  3. Create a new AMD property, or access an existing one in Property Manager on Control Center.

  4. Enable Token Authentication via the Segmented Media Protection behavior in an applicable rule.

  5. Set Advanced Options to On.

  6. In the Field Carry-Over options, ensure Session-Id is set to Yes.

  7. Set the Token Revocation slider to On.

  8. In the Revocation List Name drop-down, select the revocation list you created with the API.

  9. Save the AMD property and activate it on the production network to start delivering your media.

  10. Revoke tokens to add one or more offending tokens to the revocation list. This blocks requests that include them from access.