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Create your origin DNS record

The origin server is the location from which ​Akamai​ edge servers retrieve your content before serving it to end users.

If you're using a custom domain, you need to include the origin server's hostname in your AMD property. So, you'll need to know that name.


Are you using NetStorage?

The information that follows only applies if you're using a custom origin for your content. If you're using NetStorage, you'll set it up as your origin when you generate your AMD property configuration.

What you should use as your origin server hostname

Origin server hostnames typically use a common formula such as origin-<Media Origin>where the following apply:

  • origin: This is what we refer to as the "origin A record." As a best practice, you should replace "origin" with a random string (for example, [1]hkeh1g76). This serves to conceal your origin server.

  • <Media Origin>: This is the hostname of the server housing content that is delivered from the Edge network.

Here are some examples:


Origin-server Hostname



How should the DNS record be configured?

You should create the DNS record for the origin server hostname on your authoritative name servers, just as you would create or edit any other DNS record. The IP address should be exactly the same as the IP in the DNS record for your production content hostname, before switching to the edge network. For example, in this change, the IP is the same before and after switching to the edge network:

Original Name

Origin-server Hostname IN A

[1] IN A IN A

[1] IN A

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Create your origin DNS record

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